Adult Bible School - You are invited to join one of our Bible School Lesson study groups. Every week small groups share fresh insights they've gained from the lesson and how their lives have been impacted. 

Children's Sabbath School - The children of our church are not only the future; they are actively involved in the ministries of our church today.

Communication Ministry - Aids in the coordination of information releases within our local church and to the larger community.

Community Service - As Christians we find joy in providing food and services to the needy among our neighbors.

Evangelism - Fulfillment of the Great Commission by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ both in word and in deed.

Health Ministries - The focus here is not only about assisting our members with living healthy, happier lives; it is about reaching out to those around us.

Ministerio Espanol - Provides a Spanish language worship service beginning at the noon hour each Sabbath.  And also serves through a bi-lingual youth program,  prayer and social meeting.

Personal Ministries - Inspires and equips members where needed to prepare for Christian Service. Provides Bible studies as requested.

Prayer Ministry - Exists here to provide an avenue that brings individual concerns before the Lord through intercessory prayer.

Religious Liberty - Advocates strongly for religious freedom for all people while firmly defending an individual's right to worship according to conscience alone.

Women’s Ministry - Existing to uphold, encourage, and challenge women in their walk with Christ. To nurture one another and spread the Gospel through Christian outreach.

Youth Ministries - Offers support and encouragement for young people at what can be a critical time in their Christian development.